I’m sitting here wide awake telling myself I should be asleep. But I’m not. I’m awake. Why am I awake. Because I’m thinking. Thinking about everything I’ve done today. Thinking about everything I have to do tomorrow. Just thinking. I’m thinking about random facts and anecdotes for some strange reason. Thinking about silly videos I’ve seen on YouTube. Thinking about my beautiful girls asleep. Regardless, I’m wide awake. In a few short hours the alarm clock will go off. I dread that sound. I should be asleep. But I’m not. I tell myself I won’t snooze it this time. I’ll get up despite how tired I am. But I know I won’t. I know I’m going to turn it off and try to sleep for as long as I possibly can. Which will be about 20 minutes because the alarm will wake up the baby. Maybe I should turn it off. No I can’t do that. I have to make sure the oldest gets up when his alarm goes off. I’ll just be a zombie tomorrow. Like I was today. Like I will be the next day. Because, I’m awake.

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