No ONE way

Sometimes there is no ONE way to take care of a child.

Breastfed, formula-fed, organic or preserved,

Sugar-free, sugar-filled,

High fructose corn syrup & red dye number 9,

GMO & Gluten-free.

We all make DECISIONS as parents & we all make MISTAKES.

What IS IMPORTANT is that we are doing what we feel is best at any given time & often guilt ourselves enough WITHOUT having to hear JUDGEMENT from outsiders at every turn.


& I am TIRED of hearing about this mother’s bad decision

Or that father’s wrong choice when what we are really talking about is 

ACTIONS differing from our own personal NORM.

Isn’t that what living FREELY is all about?

That we are allowed to make our own CHOICES?

Be they RIGHT or WRONG.


Let he without sin CAST the first STONE.

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