What is PRIVACY?
I feel like I knew what it felt like at one point, but now the meaning has ESCAPED my memories.
5 minutes of PEACE, while awake, are pretty hard to come by,
I even get interrupted in the shower half the time.
I SNEAK off to the bathroom to get a moment of peace, 
But that doesn’t even last for very long.
Even when EVERYONE happens to be asleep,
The CAT takes advantage of the opportunity to gain some uninterrupted affection.
While I may not know what ALONE TIME is anymore,
I LOVE it. 
I have traded my privacy, for the chance to be a MOM.
The LITTLE ONES that desire, need, & crave my time
Are WORTH it.
& as my grandmother used to tell me:
I wouldn’t TRADE it for all the MONEY in the WORLD!


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