Broken Grace: A Review

So I started and just about finished this blog post two days ago, but I started reading my latest book before starting two new classes today, and I got a little sidetracked. Let’s just say, this new book is hard to put down and even now as I am updating this post and working on homework, I am thinking about the next opportunity in the day where I will get to read it.

This book, Broken Grace, was similar to the one I am currently reading in the sense of I had trouble walking away.

A brief summary:

The opening of Broken Grace finds main character Grace Abbott fleeing in her car only to crash into a tree after hitting a dear. She wakes with no memory of the accident, the days leading up to it, or any of her life for that matter and finds that her boyfriend, Michael, was found dead in their home on the same day that she was in her car accident. Not only are her current memories gone, but memories of her childhood home are missing as well. Her sister, Lisa, takes charge of caring for her after her discharge from the hospital, but as Grace’s memories slowly start to take shape again, she remembers Lisa for who she really is. Grace finds her memories and herself as well as what happened to Michael with an ending with a twist.

Now my thoughts:
I loved this book, and I do not say that about many books. Well, maybe I do, but this is definitely up there with one I would recommend to anyone needing a murder mystery. I was pleasantly surprised with this book, especially because it was only $1.99 on Amazon the day I bought it. Usually, those books are bad, to say the least, to mediocre at best, but this was not the case. I had noticed it on a friend’s Goodreads and saw that she rated it rather high, so I did not hesitate to purchase it while I had the chance.

And boy, am I glad.

I can usually pinpoint the “suspect” rather quickly in books like this because I have read so many at this point. Finding out who did what has become predictable even when I come across new authors. With this book though, I did not narrow down a culprit until about halfway through, which is pretty deep into the story.

Without giving too much away, don’t want to make a habit of giving away spoilers, I was right. I was also wrong and I was also missing another piece of the puzzle. The ending had a twist within a twist that I was NOT expecting and LOVED it! It has been quite some time since I read a book that I was both right and wrong in determining who was the killer. This book took precendence over the other book I was reading at the time (another post to follow) simply because the chapters were long enough to make me want to read one more and short enough to keep reading and reading until I grew sleepy. The action was like a roller coaster slowly building up speed as the story went on and the crashing to a dip where I was left with more questions only to get a glimpse of an answer as the coaster climbed the next mountain.

So in case you haven’t figured it out, I LOVED this book and was a little sad it ended. I was left with my mouth hanging open in a little bit of shock and “flipping” to the next page to read more only to find it was over.


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