Hollow City: A Review

I dug into the 2nd book in the Miss Peregrine’s series immediately and let me just start by saying that I am hooked again.

Picking up where the last book ended, Jacob and his newfound friends are traveling to 1940s war-stricken London, or “the peculiar capital of the world.” Escaping the island thanks to Jacob’s blossoming peculiarity, they narrowly escape being captured by wights and devoured by hollows. Finding truth in peculiar children’s fairy tales, they come across hidden loops containing peculiar animals, allies, and a series of unexpected surprises in an attempt to find Miss Wren. Fighting wights using their talents, the children manage to avoid capture time and time again. Will they find what they are searching for before time runs out?

Just as with the last book, I found myself checking out of the real world and stepping into 1940s London. I love books that allow me the chance to dive into a different world, and this is definitely one of those books, to say the least.

The book literally picks up where the last one left off. No reminders of previous events. No “flash-backs” or character’s reflections on what just happened. The story just keeps going, which I found wonderful. I hate being bored with a “previously on” synopsis when it comes to sequels.

The pictures in this one, just like the last, were eerie and macabre. I found myself staring at them and wondering more and more. They didn’t distract from the story, just added to it. Again, it made the story feel almost real.

And just as it was with the last book, I was transported to the fight against the wights and hollows alongside Jacob and his friends. Just when I thought the end had come, there was more. I was on the edge of my seat to see if they would escape and how. I never had it figured out in advance, which is nice because predictability is quite boring. I silently cheered as Jacob honed in on his talent for sensing hollows and it evolved into an even greater peculiarity. Hope that isn’t considered a spoiler!

I was so excited towards the end and then, it ended. The last chapter took an unexpected turn. I should have seen it coming, knowing there is a 3rd to the series, but I didn’t. I think my mouth literally hung open as I read the last 20-ish pages.

I was shocked and surprised. And to be honest, I was mad as hell! I couldn’t believe my eyes were reading what I was reading! How could it be! I love twist endings and Riggs definitely delivered a twist ending that still has me in a book hangover as I am reflecting.

I cannot wait to see where the next one leads me and yet I am still cowering in my corner unready to leave this one behind.


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