Library of Souls: A Review

So, it has been a little hectic with school (I had to read Leaves of Grass in about 3 days) and, well, life in general, but here is Library of Souls’ review.

This book, as expected, picked up where the last one, Hollow City, left off in the Miss Peregrine’s series. As usual, I was not disappointed with Ransom Riggs (Love the pen name!). With no break in the action, Jacob begins to finely tune is peculiarity. He also learns the history of peculiardom, wights, and hollows and answers to questions posed during the first two books are finally revealed. Jacob, Emma, and their newfound friend, Addison, are forced to quickly decide who to trust in their journey and who has been fooling them from the moment they met. With more beautiful pictures to provide a glimpse into Riggs’ peculiar world, the story is palpable and leaves readers still wanting more.

To say I loved this book as much as the first too is an understatement. I adored this book. I felt like I was living in this book and I dreamed, again, about being a part of this peculiar world. In the end, I was wanting more and still do.

Please Riggs write more with Jacob and Emma!!!!

The chapters were considerably longer than the first two, but that wasn’t too big of a deal for me. I do prefer to have to stop in between chapters instead of in the middle of a chapter, but even with books with shorter chapters this doesn’t always happen like I wish. What made it worth the long chapters were the riveting images that were strategically placed throughout the book.

There was a bit of nostalgia hidden in this one, which I really liked, for all those Labyrinth fans out there, but I am not going to give too much away there. (Hint: “Stay back,” “Turn around,” “Certain death awaits”)

There are traitors and twists around almost every corner and even an exile loop full of drug addicted peculiars, and vendors dealing in the sale of peculiar children to thieves. There was even an instance where I truly thought the book was over and that all of Jacob and Emma’s hard work was for nothing. But then, there were 2 or 3 more chapters that followed!

I truly enjoyed this book just as much as the last 2 and I am going to be looking for Ransom Riggs to write more and more (hopefully with the same characters). Honestly, I am sad there is no more peculiar adventures to go on.


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