The Rejected Writers’ Book Club: A Review

The Yaya Sisterhood of rejected writers, this book was endearing. Janet is unwillingly dragged into a group of ladies that have formed a bond on being rejected. She is coerced into helping these ladies with an event to celebrate rejection, which is far from what she wants to do but everything she doesn’t know she needs from the sleepy town of Southlea Bay.

To save the reputation of a beloved club member and help reach the goal of 500 rejection letters, Janet agrees to bring the ladies along with her on a road trip to San Francisco. The adventures that arise are laughable and make Janet realize that these ladies mean more to her that she first realized. The ladies face their fears, meet new and exciting strangers, and come to love each other even more along the while all while saving the day at the end of the trip in a way they least expected.

The first in the Southlea Bay series, Suzanne Kelman brings the sleepy town to life. A sweet, southern city nestled away from buzzing city-life, but home to some interesting characters nonetheless. Janet, the main character, is still adjusting to country life when she is pulled in by the boisterous and bossy Doris to help The Rejected Writer’s Book Club. And just as the book club name suggests, these ladies rally together to celebrate their literary rejection instead of wallowing in it. They read each others stories and poems and then collect the publishing rejection letters.

I loved these ladies. I could see myself as a part of their group and absolutely fell in love with the idea of celebrating the rejections. Being a writer is hard work and hearing that someone does not like something that you worked hard to write can be devastating, but these ladies take optimism and looking at the glass half-full to a whole new level. The book club motto is :”Selected for rejection We reach for true connection Choosing a path of celebration As we bond with true affection,” which ends up meaning so much more by the end of the book.

The connection these ladies share goes beyond rejection letters. They are sisters, looking out for each other in all aspects of life. They venture on a road trip in order to save their precious club from disbanding, but most importantly to protect the reputation of one of the ladies.

While definitely a “ladies’ choice” book, I fell in love with the town and was envious of the connection they share.


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