The Wizard

*Found this old gem in one of my books for writing. Decided it was time to dust it off.*   I know which way The wizard went. Down to the barn Where the old man sits. But when I follwed him there The barn was empty. Deserted. Bare. I looked all around for any sign… Continue reading The Wizard


The Chocolate War: A Review

Young Jerry Renault just wants to be a part of the school. He wants to be on the football team, make friends, and be one of the guys, but when an annual fundraiser comes around to sell chocolates, he is roped in my a secret society of boys that control the school behind the scenes.… Continue reading The Chocolate War: A Review


To Kill A Mockingbird: A Review

For Banned Books Week 2016, I decided to revisit a classic that has been on the most challenged list for decades. Reading this as an adult compared to having to read it in school provided me with a much different understanding and a greater appreciation of the text. Taking place in 1936, the story tells of… Continue reading To Kill A Mockingbird: A Review