Hold you

They may say not to hold you but I don't care. I'll hold you and squeeze you, Run my fingers thru your hair. I'll rock you to sleep, Sing you lullabies. And always make sure, To kiss you goodbye. I'll never let you cry for hours on end, Because there isn't much That momma can't… Continue reading Hold you


Sweet Little Girl

Sweet little girl Looking in the mirror Don't you see What's looking back at you You have the world At your fingertips I only wonder What It is you won't get into Sweet little girl Smiling away You bring nothing But happiness my way I cannot wait To see you get older And even have… Continue reading Sweet Little Girl


The Magpies: A Review

I had a tough time with this book, to be honest. I read the summary and thought I would absolutely love it. I mean, what is scarier than a realistic story about neighbors that seem perfect at first glance and then become monsters? I was even sucked in early on, but the thrill quickly faded.… Continue reading The Magpies: A Review