E-store Opening Soon

As I am sure some have noticed, I have opened a store on Zazzle with my own creative works and some of my favorite literary quotes on products. Yay! The link and a couple of samples are available on the Zazzle page here on the blog. Zazzle is only a start! I am evaluating ┬ácompanies… Continue reading E-store Opening Soon


The Miniaturist: A Review

I thought she was stealing my life, but in truth she opened its compartments and let me look inside. Nella arrives in Amsterdam at the home of her new husband Johannes Brandt young and full of hope for a new life. She knows little of her husband, only that he is a VOC merchant. The… Continue reading The Miniaturist: A Review


Queen and Knights of Nor: A Review

Micha, Olive, and Dillip are celebrating Micha's birthday when a messenger arrives from Nor with grave news. A horrible enchantment has overcome the Kingdom of Nor and all of its inhabitants, including Micha and Olive's parents, the King and Queen. Micha must take on the responsibilities of being a queen much sooner than expected and… Continue reading Queen and Knights of Nor: A Review


The Girl in the Photo

A kindle single that follows Gaspar Gonzalez in the search to find out about the brother he never knew. Nelson was sent to war and killed in Vietnam like so many young men at the time. What remains of his memory are sealed tightly in a photo album, except for a photo from his high… Continue reading The Girl in the Photo


Maude: A Review

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. -Ian Maclaren The quote by Maclaren kept ringing in my mind as I was reading Maude and days later, she is still on my mind. Maude is a heartbreakingly beautiful story about a young woman's life. Married at 14, a widow at 16, and… Continue reading Maude: A Review


Miracle at Coney Island: A Review

Another great┬áKindle single, Miracle at Coney Island: How a Sideshow Doctor Saved Thousands of Babies and Transformed American Medicine takes a look at the true story of the "incubator doctor," Martin Couney. Claire Prentice investigates the "incubator doctor" that setup infant incubators across America and in London from 1903 to 1943. Martin Couney's techniques and… Continue reading Miracle at Coney Island: A Review