The Girl in the Photo

A kindle single that follows Gaspar Gonzalez in the search to find out about the brother he never knew. Nelson was sent to war and killed in Vietnam like so many young men at the time. What remains of his memory are sealed tightly in a photo album, except for a photo from his high school prom. Growing up, Nelson was rarely mentioned, his death was too painful, and the young woman’s name forgotten over the years. But is there more to the search than discovering the young woman’s name.

For a quick read, this book took me a while to get through. I wanted  enjoy it more than I did, but what I was looking for wasn’t found.

What I found was a lot of information on their mother than any real information on his brothers life growing up. No personal stories of his childhood other than that he moved around whence was younger.

I the end, I was left with more questions. I didn’t mind the authorial intrusions about Gaspar calling Vietnam Vets or digging through yearbooks, because that did add to the story.

But, what year was the photo taken?  No one knows. Did Nelson ever contact his stepfather, like he said he would? His stepfather says no, but is that really the case? Was there more than a prom date between the girl and Nelson?

I enjoyed the chapters that involved veterans that remembered working alongside Nelson, but I feel like the story set out to tell Nelson’s life story and I did not feel like I got enough of Nelson’s story. I wanted more and then the book was over (which is usually the case with Kindle singles).

I am not a fan of books that leave me with more questions that answers. I even wanted to know more about the young lady in the photo that kept such fond memories of Nelson during the course of her life, but there wasn’t more to her story either.

The length is nice, I read it in about a day, but I wanted more story.


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