My Story through Scars

I recently had an assignment for a personal essay course that used the prompt "take an inventory of your personal scars." Basically, we were told to tell an emotional tale through our physical scars. I originally struggled with the paper and thought I did mediocre at best. My professor gave me some of the best … Continue reading My Story through Scars


Water for Elephants (Review)

In seventy years, I never told a blessed soul Jacob Jankowski finds his world crumbling with the death of his parents. In an effort to escape, he runs out of his veterinarian exams and jumps a train only to find himself in the midst of a traveling circus. Thanks to sheer dumb luck, the circus … Continue reading Water for Elephants (Review)

The Marvelous Misadventures of Ingrid Winter (Review)

Ingrid Winter is a mother of 3 working as a literature professor and full of anxiety, paranoia and the victim of an overactive imagination. In an attempt to purchase her dream home, she strains her family's finance as well as her marriage. And to make matters worse, extra responsibilities from the PTA and her university … Continue reading The Marvelous Misadventures of Ingrid Winter (Review)

A Monster Calls Review

'There's that old yew tree,' as if she was talking to herself. There is nothing special about Conor. His mother is sick and, while she tells him she is okay and everything is fine, even Conor doesn't completely believe her. His father lives in America with his new family and rarely stays in touch. The teachers … Continue reading A Monster Calls Review

Revolution by Murder

Revolution by Murder: Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, and the Plot to Kill Henry Clay Frick is a kindle single by James McGrath Morris. It tells the true story of the attempted assassination on Henry Clay Frick, the industrialist at the heart of the Homestead Steel Strike in the late 1800s. Driven by the utopian idea … Continue reading Revolution by Murder