It’s All in Your Head (Kindle single): Review

The only place that everything — the terror, the loneliness, the pain, and the love — can exist is in my head.

Eva Hagberg shares her story of dealing with an illness that left her constantly dizzy for close to 5 years. Trying treatment after treatment including anti-anxiety medications after being told that her dizziness was a result of post-graduate studies and stress, Hagberg learns to live with being dizzy. For years she is told that her illness is all in her head, that it is stress-induced, and that it will all just go away, but her bloodwork shows abnormal levels of a tumor marker and then an MRI reveals a mass.

A quick Kindle single to fit into your day, Hagberg’s story has readers wondering, “What if that happened to me?”

This story was a bit of a flop for me for 1 main reason: the never-ending sentences.

The story of recovering from a drug addiction and alcoholism was interesting. It was strange that for years doctors dismissed her symptoms as being related to stress. I was mad for her that she was mistreated, in a way, & I was truly engaged in her personal story. I could not, however, get through the exceedingly long sentences without cringing. Some of the “sentences” took up a half a page on my Kindle when I was reading.

Commas galore, but no periods to be found. For me, it was too distracting. I felt like I was reading the thoughts of someone that was manic.

I get that it is a memoir of sorts, and I love that, but I just had trouble getting through the sentences without rubbing my temples thinking, “Where are the periods? This was published like this for a reason?”

Some people, love this kind of writing and have no trouble whatsoever enjoying a read like this. I am not one of them.

She has a beautiful story to tell & an interesting one at that, which is more than many of us can say about our own lives. She struggled with addiction and found a way out. She managed to commit completely to holistic methods of healing, like yoga, but to no avail. And finally, someone found the problem and recognized that it was not all in her head. For once, a diagnosis of cancer was a relief, in a sense.

Another con for me, I am left with many questions and there really is no ending. Yes, it is supposed to be like that (I think), but I’m the reader that likes closure. I want to know that she received treatment that helped her, they finally found the tumor, and that she lived happily ever after. Or, that things went horribly wrong, but at least there would be an ending. It was left so open, that I kept “flipping” the pages looking for the last chapter or two.

So, is it all in her head???


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