Finally Breathe

In the moments before I fall asleep, my mind clears. The only part of the day, void of thoughts. As the silence that fills my room surrounds me, everything from the day that has weighed me down clears. Evaporates. Leaves. It is as if the silence heals me. Transforms me. Evolves me. I am left … Continue reading Finally Breathe


Can’t Speak

I can't speak. The thoughts swirling around in my head created from words connected into so-called sentences Must remain locked away. I can't speak. The struggle with life & lack of verbal communication lead me to Write. I write until my hands hurt, my fingertips bleed, & until the final thought Transcribed to paper. Until … Continue reading Can’t Speak

It’s All in Your Head (Kindle single): Review

The only place that everything -- the terror, the loneliness, the pain, and the love -- can exist is in my head. Eva Hagberg shares her story of dealing with an illness that left her constantly dizzy for close to 5 years. Trying treatment after treatment including anti-anxiety medications after being told that her dizziness … Continue reading It’s All in Your Head (Kindle single): Review