The Things We Should Not Say

We often say things we shouldn’t.

Out of anger or spite, the words escape somehow. The drawbridge that holds the angry thoughts at bay and keeps them hidden and locked away in our brains fails and allows the thoughts to become words. They explode from the lips with such force it is nearly impossible to retrieve them and lock them back away once free.

But that isn’t the worst part of it all.

The worst part is that words, whether genial or malicious, have power. They are the most powerful thing we possess.

With words, we can wage war or create peace. We can solve dilemmas or form new issues. And the words brought on through anger are the ones with unimaginable strength. They have the ability to turn men into children and women into witches. With a single utterance, an entire life can change.

We all have made the mistake and spoken the words that should have remained unspoken only life to wonder what would have happened had they not been uttered. There is no turning back, however. Only marching forward to face the music we have started composing when we say the things we should not say.


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