Take Me to the Start (Review)

Take Me to the Start: Sophina’s DiaryTake Me to the Start: Sophina’s Diary by J.R. Kavit

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Sophia is having a bad day. Scratch that. Sophia is having the worst day of her life. After losing her job, she is contemplating whether or not to move from London back home to New York, and then she meets the Scientist. Benjamin is in the right place at the right time and manages to bring Sophia’s worst day to the brighter side.

Trust me. I’m from the future.

Sophia’s dark and dreary life, or the way she sees it in her world she calls Sophina, starts to change. Ben helps her get her dream job as a photographer’s assistant and together they begin to tackle their fears. Ben, claustrophobic after a car accident as a child, and Sophia, self-diagnosed asexual, explore each other’s lives and open themselves up to forming a strong relationship based on trust.

Memories aren’t objects, but images in one’s mind.

But Sophia begins to experience flashbacks to a truamatic childhood event and unexplained blackouts. At first, Sophia and Ben aren’t concerned, until Sophia begins to blackout more often and Ben connect the dots. With a little effort, Ben discovers what has been going on with Sophia and how to fix everything so that they can live happily ever after.

Take it to the start, take it to the start.


I didn’t love nor hate this book, to be honest. I think this particular book just isn’t for me. There is nothing really wrong or horrible about it, but I’m not in love, running out of the door, shoving this book in the face of everyone I meet.

I think the concept is great, and I honestly didn’t see where it was going right away, but there were moments that felt forced. Sophia constantly references Sophina, her little inner world where her alter ego, the Latina, lives. In the beginning, I didn’t mind being brought into Sophina, but in the end, I was really tired of reading “Sophina.” There were also moments where the writing was just mediocre and felt like filler, as if there was a case of writer’s block.

But, this book wasn’t all bad. I mean, I did read it all in one day and used it to check off two BTAT17 challenges. The core story was really interesting and there is a sequel to Sophia and Ben’s story. I just don’t know if this book was for me, at least, not right now.

So while I would recommend this book to someone who loves a little mystery or contemporary fiction, I wouldn’t recommend it to myself.

However, I will most likely read the sequel because THE ENDING LEFT ME HANGING (I mean that in a good way)! I can’t leave a series unfinished either, so I hope the moments that bumped this to a 3 star rating for me are just a glitch in the code and few and far between and that part 2 delivers a riveting conclusion.
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