Apologies for all the posts :)

So, I have been a little behind on my book reviews. C'est la vie, right? I've had notes on all the books I've been reading this year and several reviews typed/written, but just haven't posted them yet. I even had 2 on here that I thought I had scheduled to post but apparently, I just… Continue reading Apologies for all the posts ­čÖé


Guess Who’s Back

Hello all, it's been a while. Last month, I took a blogging break. I had my final class and my senior thesis paper that I wanted to focus on completely. While I was still reading on the side, I didn't put too much attention on making sure I posted on here a review. But now,… Continue reading Guess Who’s Back


Sorry I’ve been away

School this last semester was a bit rough for me. I had British Fiction and Shakespeare at the same time and on my lightest weeks I still had at least 2 of Shakespeare's plays to read. Needless to say, personal reading fell a little behind and at one point I fell in a bit of… Continue reading Sorry I’ve been away