I Took Back Control of My TBR… It Was GREAT!

As a reader, particularly one that blogs, I often find myself caught up on new releases. I focus on the latest novels to be published by my favorite publishing companies, regardless of topic. In the beginning of blogging, I thought that in order to become good at book blogging, I had to only read new… Continue reading I Took Back Control of My TBR… It Was GREAT!

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Middlemarch (Review)

Middlemarch by George Eliot My rating: 3 of 5 stars Set in the fictitious town of Middlemarch, George Eliot's novel addresses many issues of the time, such as women's status, the nature of marriage and political and scientific reform. The story is comprised of several distinct stories that all intertwine or intersect at one point… Continue reading Middlemarch (Review)


The Things We Should Not Say

We often say things we shouldn't. Out of anger or spite, the words escape somehow. The drawbridge that holds the angry thoughts at bay and keeps them hidden and locked away in our brains fails and allows the thoughts to become words. They explode from the lips with such force it is nearly impossible to… Continue reading The Things We Should Not Say


My Story through Scars

I recently had an assignment for a personal essay course that used the prompt "take an inventory of your personal scars." Basically, we were told to tell an emotional tale through our physical scars. I originally struggled with the paper and thought I did mediocre at best. My professor gave me some of the best… Continue reading My Story through Scars


Finally Breathe

In the moments before I fall asleep, my mind clears. The only part of the day, void of thoughts. As the silence that fills my room surrounds me, everything from the day that has weighed me down clears. Evaporates. Leaves. It is as if the silence heals me. Transforms me. Evolves me. I am left… Continue reading Finally Breathe


Can’t Speak

I can't speak. The thoughts swirling around in my head created from words connected into so-called sentences Must remain locked away. I can't speak. The struggle with life & lack of verbal communication lead me to Write. I write until my hands hurt, my fingertips bleed, & until the final thought Transcribed to paper. Until… Continue reading Can’t Speak