Outlander (Review)

People disappear all the time... Many of the lost will be found, eventually, dead or alive. Dissappearances, after all, have explanations. Usually. Claire Randall's life was just returning to normal. Reunited with her husband, Frank, after serving as a combat nurse, the duo are embarking on a second honeymoon in Scotland. But what starts out… Continue reading Outlander (Review)


The Girl from Krakow

'Tis not contrary to reason to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the scratching of my finger.' The Girl from Krakow follows Rita's life from meeting her husband at university to changing her identity in order to survive the Nazi's mission to rid the world of Jews. A love affair, a lost child… Continue reading The Girl from Krakow


Maude: A Review

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. -Ian Maclaren The quote by Maclaren kept ringing in my mind as I was reading Maude and days later, she is still on my mind. Maude is a heartbreakingly beautiful story about a young woman's life. Married at 14, a widow at 16, and… Continue reading Maude: A Review