Untitled One

You think this is something new?
You thing that something has changed?
For a man dressed as a woman,
To use the women’s bathroom is strange?
Why does it even matter?
Why should we even care?
Like most women,
She just wants to check her hair.
She just wants a moment’s peace,
He wants the right door.
To go into the room,
He was never allowed to enter before.
When will we stop
Defending segregation?
It’s the bathroom today,
But tomorrow it’s the declaration
Being taken apart
Piece by piece.
All for the sake of religion,
And to put bigots at ease.
There are bigger problems out there.
Bigger fish to fry.
More important reasons,
We need to begin to try
To get along as a country
You shouldn’t need a reason why.
Because when we fight within our borders,
It’s America that dies.

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